Care for your Gown

  • Upon receiving your gown, please try-on and inspect to see you are happy with the results
  • Please always have an assistant to help you try on your gown. We do offer a dressing service on your special day if required.
  • Hang or lay the dress according to instructions, otherwise creases may develop
  • Beware of staining from fake-tan, lotions, makeup, perfume, deoderant, or hand-sanitiser
  • Beware of sharp edges catching delicate lacework, for instance from engagement rings, nails, or zippers on your garment bag
  • Beware of shoes catching on hems and trains
  • Please ask about special cleaning instructions. Bridal fabrics can be extremely fragile.
  • DO NOT IRON! Please ask beforehand, we are happy to help.
  • We highly recommend Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners https://syndalsdrycleaners.com/

Garment Alteration Terms

Garments presented for alteration are covered only for actual workmanship.

We cannot warrant prior existing issues:

  • fading / bleaching / sun-damage
  • shop-soiling
  • colour-matching issues (where alterations show up fresh un-exposed fabric)
  • fabric wear or fatigue due to prior alterations or age

Repair & Refund Policy

I do my utmost to satisfy my customers, and am always willing to take a phone call to discuss any issues.

We always follow the relevant Australian / Victorian Consumers laws:

  • SPB does not offer returns or refunds for change of mind.
  • Please try on your gown as soon as possible once completed.
  • If a defect is found, please notify me at SPB within 10 days of receipt. If you fail to notify within the 10 day period, you are subject to Australian Consumer Law (ACL), and are deemed as accepting the gown as is.
  • Please send photos of any defects.
  • SPB reserves the right to physically inspect said defects.
  • SPB reserves the right to first repair of any defects.
  • SPB’s liability is limited to cost of the service.
  • If the gown is subsequently altered, SPB accepts no liability for any defects.
  • We cannot warrant goods that become defective due to fair wear and tear, or damage in transit, or after receipt.
  • If you cancel a service, we reserve the right to charge for services rendered even though not completed. This is to cover costs for consultation, unpicking, and pattern/fabric procurement. The gown will be returned as per its current state, which may mean in a state of disassembly.
  • Our washing service is done on a best-efforts basis, as we cannot guarantee to remove all stains.
  • We do not offer a postage and packaging services because of the considerable costs involved in postage large bridal gowns. That is purely at the customers discretion.
  • It is purely at the customer’s discretion to use any postage and packaging services. These need to be totally pre-arranged and paid for by the customer. SPB is not responsible due to losses during transit. SPB will exercise due care in placing goods in packaging supplied by the customer.

Uncollected Goods

  • Uncollected goods, not paid – held for 28 days, then sold to pay for fabric/services.
  • Paid but Uncollected goods – held for 90 days then sold to pay for storage services, unless otherwise pre-arranged.

Payment Options

  • Deposit required on major work, usually to cover basic materials.
  • Strictly – no payment means no pickup
  • Cash on pickup – pre-arranged only
  • No cash kept on premises, so little change available
  • Pay to my mobile using most phone banking applications
  • Onsite eftpos/credit card facility
  • Paypal
  • Verified bank transfer
  • We reserve the right to charge for payment collection services and legal fees

Site Terms

  • We really appreciate your permission to use any photos from your special event or photos of our creations to spread the word of our work.
  • Submissions to our gallery, which by nature is public, also grants permission for Sheer Perfection Bridal (SPB) to use in this and other advertising media.
  • You may withdraw this permission at any time, and we will remove the media.
  • Even if you give us permission to use, we will not publish said media until after the date of your event or as arranged.
  • Any and all photos/media used in communications with SPB, will only be used to support our personal service to you, unless you give explicit permission.

Other Legalese:

  • Sheer Perfection Bridal – ABN 96 487 538 004
  • Trademarks – Please respect our trademarks.
  • Privacy policy – Your privacy is important to us. Please communicate with us immediately and directly of any concerns.
  • Privacy collection notice – Any information with SPB is used only to support our personal service to you.
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